Saturday, March 28, 2009

March 27th 2009 the boys see jordan

Yesterday we went to shelly's house to visit her now that they are home. The boys werent allowed to go into the maternity area of the hospital since its RSV season. That really bummed me out, since someone had to stay in the waiting area with the kids while I went to visit or vice versa.

I remember how wierd and stressful it was adjusting to home but it seems like they are doing great.

I helped shelly cut Jordans fingernails. she already tried earlier but they were still long and the poor baby scratched her face up. I dont understand why they like to crab thier faces all the time!

Cameron looked MASSIVE next to Jordan. And Casey and Shelly couldnt stop laughing at how silly Cameron was. He sat in Brians lap the whole time and squealed and talked. he was laughing at himself and eating his feet. Casey says.."oh my god i just cant even look at him right now cuz hes so funny". Cameron is such a chunky baby and looks like he could eat Jordan!!! haha
It was so wierd, because i still see Cameron as that small... and then i when i hold Jordan its a huge shock. My baby is still a baby... but just a really big one!!!haha

Keegan wasnt in the mood for pictures but i got some good ones of shelly casey and jordan and of course Cameron who is always smiling lol.











... Daddy is always pickin on his chub HAHA


Maggy said...

I LOVE that picture of Cameron with Brian pinching his cheeks!

Mom2boys said...

me too!! cutest baby ever!