Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dear Keegan

Dear Keegan,

I am so proud of you! you are 2 years and 9 months old, and you are so smart! You know all the letters of the alphabet, and you can count up to 16. (almost everytime you get so excited and skip 10 and 15)You know all your colors! You sometimes mistake blue for green and green for blue, but who doesnt? You know all your shapes too! You love to draw circles and find triangles in objects or things around the house. Today at lunch you held your arms over your head with your fingers touching and said, "Im A triangle!" You are very silly!

You LOVE to make mommy and daddy laugh. You do it ALL the time!! Its so hard for me to keep a straight face when youre in trouble because you smile and make silly faces to make me laugh. Daddy often just looks away so that i dont laugh more. You definitly are a little comedian!

Toy story is still your favorite movie. You act out scenes from it all the time. Standing on the table, talking into you arm pretending your Buzz lightyear. You have given us all our own character from Toy Story and remind us daily. Daddy is Buzz, Mommy is Jessie, Cameron is Bullseye. and you of course are Woody. When you wear a flannel or striped checkered shirt, you call yourself woody and go searching for your cowboy hat.

Singing the opening song from the movie Wall-E always makes me smile. I have you recorded on my phone singing it because its too cute. You love to sing. you are constantly singing and making up your own songs. One day you puked all over your toy parrot and the floor, and while im cleaning it up, you are going around singing "puke" to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star.

Playing with your cars is a daily routine. You often kiss your cars and and toy motorcycle when you have to take a nap and you tell them nanight. You love to make them go around the couch and the coffee table. If you are really tired, you'll lay down and watch the wheels go back and forth while you talk to your cars.

You often get super silly and and throw your toys in the air. You laugh really hard when you do this.. Especially if its youre curious george. This seems to land you in a 2 minute time out. Even though you get frustrated when youre in trouble, you always sit for your full 2 minutes anxiously waiting to get up. You try to talk to us while youre sitting there, whispering to the other parent who didnt put you there. If i put you in time out, you'll say very softly.. "daddy daddy, im in time out". You are even cute when youre in trouble.

Youre best friend is Valarie. You two love playing together! She was your first kiss. When you first met eachtoher when you were 1 years old all you two did were tackle eachother and hug and kiss. It was too cute. You always tell her.. "Valarie, C'mon! Follow ME!" and most of the time she does. But sometimes she says "Keego, hold on!" and you'll stand there and let out a puff of air while you drop your arms and shoulders to your side. You share with everything with her and always hold out your arms to give her hugs.

You are still a very good napper. 1pm is your nap time and you sleep until 4 pm. Depending on the day you'll try to sleep more but i wake you up at 4:30.

You are now completely potty trained! And if you are sleeping you wake up and tell me you have to go potty instead of wetting the bed. You have your occasional accident, but its usually because you are playing and not paying attention, or you had too much to drink before bed time. You get VERY excited after you poop in the potty. Running around the house yelling.. " Iiiiiiiii, poooooooop iiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnn theeeeeeeee POOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTYYYYY!!!!" and ten you cleverly ask for a lolly pop. we had to use dum dums the first week after moved to the new house to get you excited about potty training again. But we havnt run out of them yet and we give them to you when you ask if you went poop. I wonder what will happen the day they all run out.

You are very independant and have to do everything yourself. This sometimes is very frustrating for mommy and addy, especially if we are in a hurry to go somewhere. But at the same time , we love watching you achieve things yourself. Watching you how to put on your underwear, shoes, shirts, pants, or even taking them off, brushing your teeth, turning the faucets on and off, same with the lights. You get really upset if we dont let you help pour milk or juice into your cup. And you love to make chocolate milk.

Youre favorite foods are fruit snacks, bananas, pizza, yogurt, peaches, cereal and tater tots. You are obsessed with cheese, and anything that has cheese on or in it. You still dont like the texture of real chicken, roast beef, or pork chops, but im sure you'll grow to like them. Daddy loves that you say "hangaber" for hamburger and "tisses" for kisses. He hopes you hang on to those for a while.

Your sentences are becoming more clear. You LOVE to talk and sing. (just like your mommy)

When Cameron is fussy or crying, you tell him "Its okay Cameron." or "Dont cry baby." ANd you always find his binkey for him. recently youve been kissing his feet and cheeks. Cameron loves to watch you play and talk to him. ONe day we were getting ready to go to the store, and cameron was in his carseat on the table and i said.. Keegan go talk to Cameron and make him happy. and you went right over to him and said... "Hi Cameron, im Keegan."

Your blankey is still very attached to you. Mostly when your tired or not feeling good. but if we hand you a sippy cup, you strip down to your undies and ask for your blankey. You love to bite it and wear it as a cape. Always running around the house with it around your neck saying.. "IM A SUPERHEROES!" You have a GREAT imagination already.

You wake up somtimes at night crying. You say your scared of the firetruck , or the girl fireman. we are still trying to figure this out for you. But we tell you its okay and firetrucks are nice and help people. THis seems to help.

Keegan, i love you VERY much. Im so proud of you. Everyday you are learning new things and growing up so fast. You give great hugs and kisses and you care about everyone! Grandma is convinced you are a genious child and i believe it. Your memory is outstanding! We are so blessed to have you as our son. God gave me a beautiful gift May 12th 2006.

I love you SO MUCH!

Love Always,