Wednesday, November 4, 2009

the flu, bronchitis, ear infection, asthma and an autoimmune disease. poor kiddos

Well i took both boys to the Dr today.

Keegan (3.5 years old) has the flu, bronchitis and an ear infection

Fire engine red

Cameron (1 year old on the 6th) has the flu.


and my hubby is catching the ick too. 3 boys to take care of and i have to try to stay healthy.

Keegan is the one im most worried about. hes already doing so much better. were really feeling the prayers. But he has an autoimmune disease and asthma. so far hes trucking along great. hes up and running about with his normal personality just a bit more emotional than usual. this is better then the past few days of crying laying on the couch with 103 fever and not wanting to eat. hes already on pulmicort (steroid) and nexium for his asthma and his EE. they but him on an antibiotic for his ear and another steroid for his throat to keep his swelling down from the bronchitis. I feel like i have a whole pharmacy in my house now. ive had to use his albuterol today from a huge coughing fit. but it helped.

Cameron has been up and about the whole time only having trouble with sleeping and being emotional during the day. not to mention cutting a tooth.

everyone is sleeping and i hear Keegan coughing every 15-20 mins or so and our house smells of vicks from the humidifers.

Poor kiddos.they both are constantly coughing but they have clear lungs. all stuffy and irritable.

i hope they get better soon. We had to cancel Camerons first birthday party for the following week. Just to ensure that they dont get family sick even if they are feeling better. i wouldnt want the ick lingering in our house and infect everyone during the party.

If either of the boys start to have trouble breathing we have to take them back in to be looked at. Keegan is at high risk for pnumonia because he has the flu and bronchitis ontop of asthma issues.

This is going to be a fun week.