Monday, March 30, 2009

Eosiniphilic Esophogitis

I ended up emptying my whole pantry and getting rid of all the stuff he couldnt have into boxes and giving it to my sister! And filled it with stuff he could have. cooking has gotten alot easier and ive invented some awesome delicious dinners! HAHA

We had his allergist appointment last week and it turns out that Keegan does have asthma and they are 90% sure that he has Eosinaphilic Esophogitis (EE). they also gave us some good tips to keep his ezcema under control.

He was put on Polmocort through a nebulizer for every day, and albueterol for when needed. We also had to get Jr. Epipens.

Since we had cut out all the allergy foods for a month, they want us to put them back into his diet for a month because they need to do a endoscopy and a biopsy of his asophogus to diagnose EE. and with him being off the foods, the eosiniphils that build up in the asophogus and the GI tract tend to heal. So for them to get a good read they want to make sure , if he has this, that hes had enough time to build up the eosiniphils again. Which is bitter sweet. because we can eat the foods we love again, but we'll be dealing with coughing tummy aches throwing up and diarrhea. They dont want him to have his dangerous ones, eggs, chicken, peanuts, and treenuts.

he doesnt seem to want to eat much becuase we think it makes him feel yucky.

they also put him on Carnation breakfast because hes is almost 3 and since he turned 2 he hasnt gained anyweight. hes been about 29 lbs for a year.

His Endoscopy is scheduled for April 22nd and then we go from there.
im glad we have one of the best allergiest in the country cuz this is gonna be a long road!
After the Edoscopy we have to follow up with his allergist and they will do tests for celiac disease, the skin prick test and some other tests.

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