Thursday, March 5, 2009

RIP Grandma

Today we got the news that my Great Grandma Harman passed away today. Its so surreal. It doesnt feel like it has actually happend. I hate that we live all the way across the country. The last time i saw her was in 2003 after high school graduation! She wasnt in great condition then. Shes has gone through a lot of things since then.

I love my grandma.

There are so many good memories of her. How she loved to take care of her garden. How she was always baking or cooking something. Everytime we walked into her house as kids, the first thing she would ask us is if we would want some candy from the candy jar. it was so convientely placed by the front door ontop of the microwave.

i remember the way her house smelt. Esp the basement. which was sometimes creepy but so fun to play it. There were couches and that little radio. the basement door that opened to the outside with the big hill.

She always had cats around her house and she gave them milk and food all the time.

No one could match her potato soup and homemade rolls and breads.
not to mention all the jams.

She was a very special woman. she raised my mom and was always there for her. I think it hurts more to see my mom so upset thats shes gone.

We've been kind of preparing for this day. Mom wanted to go back to NY last year to visit in the srping because she thought it would be her last and she was right.

Grandma always had this thing about spring. Grandpa died when i was only 1 or 2 so i dont remember him. But he died in the spring outside. and she planted flowers where he passed away. she said that old people died in the spring. She wanted to go then.

Grandma i love you and i'll always miss you. Thank you for all of our memories and your sweet hugs and kisses. You were awesome to us and im so sorry that we've had to be away from you for so long. i wish we had more money to visit more often. I hope you know how much we all love you. I know youre in Heaven now with Grandpa. Try to not to get too crazy up there together

Forever in our memory,

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