Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A new perspective on Food

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The food that you love, most likey make Keegan sick.

I dont understand how people can be so closed minded about issues they have never faced. Of course our big thing at home right now is food allergies. A lot of people seem to think.. its not a big deal.. he will outgrow it.. no such thing..

in all actuality.. it is a big deal! Some of his allergies could actually kill him! And now that we are learning that he may have a medical condition that makes the whole food allergy worse sucks!

To anyone who says the things above.. How dare you. If youve never experienced this first hand you can just keep your mouth shut. If this was YOUR kid, it would be different wouldnt it? But since you are watching from the sidelines, not seeing every little thing that these food allergies do to my son, you have no say.

It is so sad to me that Keegan will always be suffering with this. The peanut allergy is never outgrown. The egg allergy might stick with him as well. I pray that his body doesnt start to attack the foods that he CAN eat right now. And this is a possiblity in the future. Some of these kids who have EE can end up on feeding tubes because thier body ends up producing antibodies to every food they ingest.

When we found out Keegan was allergic to eggs when he was 1, we thought that was hard. Having to check every label, makeing sure to wash your hands completely if you touch an egg. washing your face if you eat them, because a simple kiss after an egg breakfast could result in hives. Without even looking at labels i could tell you what he can and cant have egg wise.

When we learned he was allergic to all the other foods he was allergic to, it got even harder.

At this point in time, i just feel greatful that we caught this now. that we started testing early. It will give so many answers. and help us deal with these things.

the allergist even gave us a support group number and website since EE is so hard on families. Im sure i will be visiting often.

I knew that in my head Keegan would never be able to eat cake, or doughnuts, or scrambled eggs for breakfast. he'll never be able to have the wonderful breads they have on the table at resturaunts before a meal. Did you know that salad dressing contains eggs? interesting huh.

the bottom line is this... we will do everything to make Keegan feel normal. We will allow him to have fun and grow up loving life and food! He wont know that hes missing out because there are special things we CAN make that he enjoys. Alot of the stuff he cant have arent that healthy for us anyway. So in a way.. we can thank Keegan for making us healthier.

As for Cameron... im afraid to start food with him. He is still breastfeeding only. I dont want to find out that he is allergic to foods too. But either way it wont be that bad cuz we are already dealing with the big allergies.

We are staying strong and trying to be positive.
Its going to be a long road, but we are a strong loving family and we'll get through this. One day at a time!

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