Friday, June 18, 2010

Summer is HERE!

Summer is definitely here!!! The Arizona sun sure beats down hard! It is almost impossible to stay outside for more than 30 minutes after 10 am. PHEW!

Keegan had his first swim lessons this year! They started June 1st and ended June 10Th. He had such a great time! He didn't master the front or back float and needs work with "big arms". I'm so proud of him! He loves to go underwater now which is a big step for him. Even as a baby he never liked his face being wet or underwater. Now its his favorite part! He also just realized that he can open his eyes!! He gets so excited about the smallest things that and i love watching his eyes light up when he tells me.

thumbs up for mom


hold ur breath

keegan swim lessons

He loved his instructor Christina. Whenever he saw her, he'd wave and yell, HI CHRISTINA!!! and the same when we'd leave. "BYE CHRISTINA!!!" I was tucking him into bed one night and i told him he needed to sleep really well so he can have fun at swimming school the next day. And he asked... "Mom, where is Christina?" .. well shes probably sleeping. "Does she sleep in the water?" This was the cutest thing in the world to me. and of course why wouldn't he think this? Every time he sees her when we walk in and when we leave shes in the pool. I love little brains. Brian told me i would've went with it and said she was a mermaid. lol

Summer also means "Harkins Summer Movie Fun"! You pick your theatre and your day, and you watch 10 movies (1 each week) for $7.00!!! you cant beat that price. ESP when its sooooo hot outside!!! It is the first year we did this. My friend Destanie mentioned it to me and I'm so glad we did it! Cameron is still a little too young to enjoy it the WHOLE time , but for most of it he sits there points and laughs. Mostly its trying to keep him in the same spot and happy. I pack the diaper bag full of goodies and snacks to keep him occupied. We go on Thursday mornings and its really a good time!! Keegan loves to watch movies and he likes seeing some of his movies that we have at home on the "big TV". We will definitely do this again next year, and I'm sure it will be more enjoyable with Cameron being a little older.

Today the boys had their well check ups. Keegan's 4 year old check up and Cameron's 18 month. I was dreading this day because shots are never fun. Esp when i have to take them by myself and have both kiddos crying and freaking out :( But they did pretty good. Well to be expected that is . HA HA. First the doctor came in and she was talking to Keegan about what he eats and doesn't eat. She asked him if he could count to 10. he said yes and just paused. I helped him with the first one... "1...." and he quickly went through the numbers. She asked him what some colors were around the room. She asked him if he can ride a bike and very proudly he says.. "YES I CAN! But my tire is popped and i think someone needs to fix it." okay Keegan, i get the hint, we'll get your tire fixed. lol. She also asked him if he knew what a stranger is. And much to my surprise he said yes... and she said oh good! what is a stranger and he replied with.. "hm i dunno." lol Keegan has no problem with strangers. he loves to say hi and talk to kids and their parents. But we really should instill some stranger danger rules. Ive talked to him before about if someone he does not know asks him to go with him, or get candy or play at their house to say no and its not okay. She also asked him if he would pet a dog at the park. and he said YES. LOl i love little kid answers. i knew he was probably thinking, yea i do it all the time when the people ask me if i want to. But she explained if there is a dog alone you don't go and pet it. His height is still doing great on the same curve. But hes lost weight (no surprise there). Hes now down to 6Th percentile in weight. he weighs 29 lbs again. for a while he was 32-35! i was so happy about it!! but its summer and they sweat and would rather play than eat. I have to work on really pushing his elemental formula rice milk shakes for the extra vitamins, calories, protein etc.
She also reminded me that its about time for his first dental appointment. Thanks Doc, I've been meaning to do this. lol

Cameron is doing good too. hes still on his curve doing great. has the right amount of words and doing everything pretty well. After the doc left and we were in there waiting for the shots...that's when all hell breaks loose and the kids just cant function anymore. they don't want to sit on the table they want to snoop around and be crazy. It seems forever when the nurse comes back in.

Keegan got his shots first. i told him what they were going to do. i even pinched his arm a little and said that's what it'll feel like. A little poke and it'll be all over. I told him he will get 4 of them. he was all pumped and ready. he was excited to get his band aids and take a picture and show daddy. . . but the first shot after realizing it hurt more than he expected, didn't want the other 3. by the last shot he was screaming as loud as he could. meanwhile, Cameron is on the ground reaching for me whining, wondering why this lady is making his brother cry I'm sure.

You're up next kiddo.

Cameron got 3. 1 in the first arm and 2 in the other. He also screamed on his last shot. poor kids. The nurse looks at me and says.. "take your time... u don't need to rush out." I took that as... "shut your kids up before u come out so u don't freak out the other kids." HA HA. Keegan was still whimpering and crying as we walked out and Cameron was amazed with his Clifford sticker. Keegan was so upset he didn't want to have a sticker.

We drove up to Brian's work and showed daddy his muscles. and he was excited to sit in daddy's mail truck. we said bye and Keegan was proud of his accomplishment today at the doctor. I went home, picked up Shelly and Jordan and we went to Toys R us and hit up some drive thus for lunch. Keegan had to tell the guy in the first window about his shots and how it made him sad. And he also told the lady in the second window. LOl. its never drive-thru with keegan. Its lets talk for 20 mins about my day thru. So much for the stranger danger talk he had with the doctor this morning.

I am glad its almost the weekend. I'm ready for Brian to have his day off and celebrate Father's Day!!! WOO HOO!!!!