Thursday, June 18, 2009

Big Green Scary Monster!

So last night everyone went to bed. We did our nanight routine with keegan. Brush teeth, wash face, go pee, talk about our day,read Bible stories, hugs and kisses, then we leave his room. Nothing different what so ever. Cameron had his rice cereal and nursed and he fell asleep. Now Brian says goodnight.

i am still awake on the computer. WEll not ON the computer, but playing Farmtown on Facebook.

(Before i get into what happend last night... let me tell you that every night between 3-4 am Keegan comes into our room and crawls into bed. I usually put him back in his room, or if im too exhausted i wake up brian to do it. Sometimes he stays sometimes hes back in around 5)


Keegan went to bed about 10 pm. he went to bed late because he took a nap late and woke up at 6 pm.

Its about 11:30. Im harvesting some crops and i hear keegans door open... Then shut. (i smile because even in the middle of the night he always closes the door behind him). I have the light on out here and he usually comes to our room through the bathroom (which is like a hall from his end to our end, it has 2 doors). So i quietly say... "Keeeeegan". So I dont startle him.
Well he never came out.

So i finished what i was doing and i went into his room. and when i opened his door he was kind of standing at his door and he looked soooo scared. he had his hands in his mouth and trying not to cry. I said.. keegan whats the matter? he says Scary monster mommy!

I asked him where and he points to his door and hes constantly looking at the ceiling and his door. i try to reassure him that there are no monsters and that hes okay. I asked him if he wanted to pray and he said yes. So we prayed together and then i got another night lite from the kitchen and put it in his room. I had him talk about his day a little and then we sang twinkle twinkle. he wanted to sleep in my room but i told him i had to sleep in there with daddy. and he asked me if i could sleep in his room. I told him that hes okay and that i had to sleep in my room. he said that he was scared of his room and didnt like his room.

So i figured he was gonna end up in my bed anyway at 3 am so i took the monitor and slept in keegans room with him.

This morning he woke up and he was talking to me and said. mommy there was a big scary monster!!
(i said okay ill try to get him to talk about what he thought he saw)
he tells me that it was a big scary green monster.
i say.. oh it was green?
and he says.. YEA! and it went (he scowls his eyes mean and opens his mouth really wide) like that to me. and it ran up fast to the sky!

EEWW. i instantly got the shivers. I told him that there are no such things as monsters. and he takes me to the window and tells me that it ran up to the sky out there. see mommy?

We dont let keegan watch anything scary. but he DOES have a very very big imagination.
Looks like mommy will be battling a big green scary monster for a while.

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