Thursday, June 11, 2009

It cant get better than this

As the boys get older, as more things come our way, things dont always tend to get easier or harder. they just keep getting better. Even when i dont think its possible. Every hard time we've come across, as a family, has only brought us closer together. Every good time we share, makes us love eachother more. My family something that i'll always cherish. I thank God everyday for my wonderful husband and my boys. Things arent going to be easy. Especially with Keegans diagnosis of EE, and how it will affect our lives and our family. Food wont be the center of our family time. We have to not focus on food which is hard because everything we do in America is centered around it. celebrations, get togethers, holidays, birthdays,etc, you eat at these things.

the next hurdle will be Cameron. Knowing if he has it too or not. Will it make it harder or easier?

We just have to trust in God and really enjoy every moment we have.

one more thing to bring us closer together.

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