Friday, June 12, 2009

Do you need some help out?

So today i had to make a grocery store run. You may think, oh harmless and easy right?
Most of the time the grocery shopping is the easy part. Its getting myself and both kids ready, in the car. Then its unloading them into the cart. Deciding what is best for keegan to do, walk or mandatory sit in the cart. Then its unloading etc etc.
Today i had quite the experience.
I try my best to park right next to the return cart area. There are usually several in the parking lot. Getting right next to one cuts some frustration down for sure. We get out and there just so happens to be a cart with the race car attached to the front of it, and Keegan wants to drive it. Sounds like a good idea. i have a small list so that will make up for the smaller cart, Keegan wont be running around and he'll be occupied. And today im going to try to put Cameron into the cart and buckle him in with NO car seat this time. One more step to less stress. that thing is so heavy with him in it! LOL
Everything is going smoothly, i get my Clorox wipe from the front of the store wipe down the steering wheels, the handle bar for Cameron, and off we go shopping!

Keegan is having a blast. (last time we tried the car thing, he wanted to walk instead because that's when we didn't make him sit in the cart anymore) HE sat in there the whole time driving. People were commenting on how cute he was driving and lots and lots of smiles. Cameron was content sucking on his thumb and playing with the teether toy i had attached to the cart with a few teething rings.
I'm at my last isle getting juicy juice for Keegan. I put them next to Cameron. He grabs the juice like a little koala and starts gnawing on the cap. hes talking and babbling and loving on that top. Drool is pouring down the side of the bottle. ew, but hes happy, no harm no foul.

I'm headed up to the cashier and i decide i should probably take the bottle away from him and wipe it off. A little courtesy for our cashier right?
As soon as i detach him from the bottle he starts to cry and scream! (this is the new thing lately esp if he really likes something).
I'm in line and there a few kids ahead of us with their mom. About 5 and 10 years old. They are covering their ears looking at Cameron. Great. I have the noisy kid that everyone walks by thinking.. for heaven sake shut that kid up.
So i pick him up hoping to calm him down. This isn't working. He now has snot down to his chin. He is crying SO hard that now his eyes and his face are all blotchy and red. I get him to calm down a bit.
Now its my turn to unload my groceries onto the belt.
Crap. this stupid cart is so big that i cant get in between the stand and the cart to unload my groceries. Not to mention I'm holding this very unhappy baby on my hip. So slowly I'm trying to do this. The cashier is ringing things up faster than what I'm unloading. I'm knocking batteries off the stand behind me with my rear.
A lady with the red jacket that screams CUSTOMER SERVICE looks at me with a smile. Would like me to unload that for you hun? Usually i have a hard time swallowing my pride and I'll just say, no thanks Ive got it. This time i didn't even hesitate. i jumped out of her way, knocking off more batteries that she picked up and she unloaded the rest for me. "there ya go! have a nice day" she says with a smile. Oh thank you so much! what a relief.
Well usually the walk from the end of the belt to the cashier is quite easy and out you go after you pay. not today of course.
Now I'm trying to push this extended cart that is hard to steer down this tiny isle with one hand. For PETE SAKE! I'm ramming the other side of the isle trying to get it to go straight and its not budging. I'm starting to feel my face get warm and I'm now avoiding any sort of eye contact with anyone around me.
My sweet handicapped bagger now has to come over and pick up the front end of the cart (with keegan in the car part) move it over and guides it to his end. WHAT AN INCONVENIENCE I AM TO EVERYONE TODAY!
i still haven't fixed my pin on my debit card so i have to run it as credit. This means i have to sign. And i still have a baby in my arms. That part wasn't too bad at all.
She asks me, Do you need any help out today? I chuckle in my head, is it really that obvious? I am still avoiding eye contact. "No thanks, i got it." I'm sure they thought i was out of my mind. I strap Cameron back into the cart, which now makes a quiet baby a crying baby. But as soon as i start to walk he calms down. At this point i found myself letting out a sigh of relief.
we get to the car unload the groceries and buckle the kids in.
Finally that is over. Lets go home.

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