Monday, May 24, 2010

Thats what i get for tryin to be MacGyver

Today is not even over but it has already been pretty interesting!! This morning Keegan decided to use my bathroom to well... go to the bathroom. He only locks doors when hes doing something he isn't supposed to, or he doesn't want Cameron to come into his room and mess up his train tracks. Well I went in to check on him, and he locked the door, but he didnt shut it all the way. He had ripped the tiny amount of toilet paper that was left, off the roll, and all over the floor. Which is no biggie. I wiped his butt (hes still not 100% independent on that issue yet... i pray its soon lol), he pulled up his pants and shut the door behind him.

The weather was nice, and high was only supposed to be 80 so i started to get ready to take the kids to the park. I go into my room, and i cannot open my bathroom door. I had forgotten to unlock it when i noticed it! I tried EVERYTHING to get that door open. In fact its still locked. I tried a skewer that was too big, those tiny flat head screw drivers... that were too short. I also tried a bobby pin and a pair of scissors. NOTHING was working. I even resorted to calling my brother. He used to be able to break in my room whenever i locked the door. But he was no help. While i was trying to be MacGyver, i saw Keegan out of the corner of my eye grab something off the counter, put it under his shirt and run away. But i was so involved in what i was doing i didnt even second guess it. Actually it didnt even hit me that i saw that until i found a wonderful suprise in Keegans room. (i'll get to that in a second)

I finally just give up and decide to just get the kids ready for our walk to the park. No point of getting all mad and stressed out. I open Keegans door and he is laying on the bed on his belly. i say.. "Keegan come on lets go to the park." and he says okay mom, and i walk out. I get Cameron and the bag ready. Keegan comes strolling out.

Hey are you ready?? and as im talking to him my eyes wander down to his shorts. The pant leg is cut all the way up to the top of his pocket. "Keegan did you cut your shorts?" (heres your sign). He says yes and i ask him to show me where the scissors are and to show me everything he cut.

Here is the list:
-His shorts
-the wrist part of his Monster hoodie
-a tag on one of his shirts
-the pants on his new Jessie doll (from toy story) he cut her pant leg all the way up to her crotch
-Her soft plastic boot from top to heel
-a pillow
and last but not least
-a nice little snip in his comforter

HOLY SMOKES!!! at the moment i wasnt even upset that he cut these things. I was upset that he jacked my super duper sharp scissors that can cut through 18 pairs of jeans!! that couldve been his tiny little finger!!! Im greatful that he didnt get hurt, but now i have to stash all my scissors in the garage. I know Keegan wont do it again (so i hope) but i dont want a repeat of this with Cameron. Scary little incident!

So off to the park we went... Ill share the pictures i snapped from today

Lets go mom!

time to ride!


park fun!
Cameron loves sand

oh Cameron...


New friends
Keegan made some new friends at the park. I love watching him socialize easily and makes friends so quick! They were super cute and big hams just like him!

4 wheelin.

all smiles!
thats not sweat, i poured water in his helmet to keep him cool since his face was getting red on the ride home. That smile just melts my heart!!!

Gravel Blaster! YEA!
looks like hes trying to sell the gravel blaster bike :)

Keegan trying to be upset because he didnt want to leave his friends.

Cameron has the best seat to and from the park.

WE had a great time! Now, hopefully we can get this door unlocked and i can hide my scissors better next time!!

Have you had anything like this happen to you? Youre kids secretly snag something behind your back? I love how they think they can get away with anything. They arent very good at hiding things and guilt is written all over their face afterwards.

What a day!!

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swarli said...

oh my goodness! Not Jesse!!
Scissors are so facinating. We haven't had an incident as big as yours but we have found "secret snips" around the house.
Cute pictures!