Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the photo bug bit me today

I got the urge at 8 pm to want to take pictures. Its almost 3 am and i have finally feel like my cup is filled. I probably would've went to bed a while ago, but Cameron woke up with a night terror that we could NOT shake him of. We tried water on his feet, mickey mouse club house and singing. What finally broke him was me putting him in the car and going for a drive. He drank his sippy cup and was fine. Night terrors are not fun!

But with no further adeu... Here are my photos from this evening. ENJOY!



My boys

Fear Not
my hysterectomy consumes my mind at night

oh no!
i tend to feel this way alot lately

summer time
the hotter it gets the more freckles i see


stay calm
the words i hear when i feel like im going to freak out

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