Saturday, May 22, 2010

Big Changes!!!

Today i was just going to clean up the house, so it would be spic and span when Brian got home from work. Its always really nice to enjoy his only day off (Sunday) when all the house work is done. But today... i really over did myself.

I started to pick up Cameron's room and decided to take apart his crib. My sister and niece are moving in with us next month,
mommy and daughter
and i wasnt sure what the living situation would be. We only have 3 bedrooms. I dont want my sister to have to sleep on the couch and Jordan goes to bed before our family even eats dinner. Most likely the boys will bunk together, and Jordan will have to use Cameron's crib. Jordans crib is all bolted and screwed together. there was no intention to dissassemble, resemble or even move for that matter. I want Cameron to get used to being not in a crib alone in his own room. Before i mush them up together. Too many new elements is definitley a cry for disaster!

I went into my room where this huge full size mattress and box spring were up against my wall. Its been in there for quite a while because it used to be Keegans. but now hes using a twin bed. The Full mattress on the floor is such a good idea for kiddos transitioning to a bed because they have so much room to roll around that its hard to fall out! So here i am dragging the box spring across the hall.. pretty easy. Then the big floppy mattress which seems to weigh the same as a small car. im tripping over my own feet, and the mattress keeps flopping to the ground like a dead cow.

Im ready for this doc appointment any moment!

im biting my lips trying not to yell or say any obscene word, as i have these two sets of small eyes and ears directed towards me. Im sweating, and grunting and all red in the face tryin to get this stupid thing in the room. Finally i do. but ihave to shove it around the room a few times to get a good location for it. I was smart enough to even leave the toys on the floor.. so at the same time im moving them around with my feet.. occasionally stepping on a block. PHEW.

i then had to take Camerons dresser and put it in keegans room. Then put keegans two small dressers in camerons room. I used them next to the mattress to help secure him in. We did this with Keegan and it worked really well. So now i have huge mounds of clothes on the beds. I wasnt going to lug them in the other room and add to the poundage. Im not even really supposed to be lifting anything as of right now!.. too bad im on a roll.

I get both rooms organized and rearranged. Toy boxes and shelves in the most efficient areas.. Why does everything seem to weigh 500 lbs when brian isnt attached to the other end??

so heres half the room with no crib!

i know its a cruddy pic but its from my phone.. bare with me.

After i finish my shanannagins, i start to cramp and hurt and get dizzy. So i sit, grab a water bottle and relax. And as im sitting, im hoping i didnt make some awful mistake. oh no.. what have i done. What if cameron wasnt ready to be out of his crib? what if i just unleashed hell on our family and we arent going to sleep for the next month. Good Grief! As i stare at the crib that is dismantled into 6 different pieces, with the bumpers still attached to one rail, ( i could NOT untie that knot so i left it), i really hope that this will all work out. Keegan was already in a toddler bed by this age and he did great! Cameron has been about 2 months behind everything, but im sure its okay. I start to reassure myself and just say.. screw it. It never hurts to try. Its not that hard to put the crib back together if you need to.

Nap time comes... okay this is it!

I do our normal thing... i turn on his music machine. (it used to be attached to his rails but i just put it next to his pillow by the dresser). hes hugging his bear in one arm, and scooby doo in the other. Were hugging and swaying side to side. I tell him nanight, give him a kiss and lay him on his belly. hes all well and fine until i walk out and close the door. I tried to act like nothing was different.. but that didnt fool him. He cried for about 4 minutes and i went back in there.

I felt bad. too many new things... Okay ill pat your back until you fall asleep. I had to the same thing for Keegan when we first introduced the toddler bed to him. Im okay with doing that. Within 2 minutes he was conked out cold. I layed the other pillow on the edge of the bed that he was laying closest too.. just in case. So far so good! hes been passed out for about 45 minutes and still zonked! yay!! Maybe this wont be so bad after all. HE looks so small and cute in that big ol bed. awww

Part 2 Keegans Flomax!

Today we started Keegans flomax inhaler! We've been practicing how to use his inhaler and spacer, without giving him the medicine. which im really glad i decided to do, because the first few times when we practiced he just laughed and giggled. he did a great job and had no trouble at all! He calls it his puffer. :)
Ive been really nervous about starting the flomax, since i tend to look online.. which i know i shouldnt. I see tons of reviews on flomax.. how bad it is.. made thier kids act outrageous and emotional. Anger issues and overly sensitive. Now at first i was like.. oh no!!!! what if that happens to me??
But truth is... Kids from age 2-5 are emotional, tempermental little things. Steroids or not. This is just my opinion, but im sure some parents use the fact that thier kid is on a steroid to excuse the bad behavior. No it couldnt be thier parenting or the fact they are treating them different because they know they are on a steroid... noooo... Dont get me wrong. I know that there are some kids who probably do have reactions to the medicine... but in my mind... kids are testy anyway. I wouldnt jump to blame the steroid. So with that in mind... were just taking it day by day. So far Keegans doing great! No changes in attitude or behavior. he was hyper as crap... but that usually happens when i rearrange our there is new stuff going on in the house. not to mention a new bed to jump on. Im not worried about it like i was. If he gets out of control like an animal who is biting and hurting those around him... well then maybe ill rethink flomax and go back to pulmicort. But they use Flomax to treat EE and its more affective than pulmicort, so why not give it a try?? Chances are hes going to be on steroids for the rest of his life, lets try this one that is faster and is proven more effective!

So now that i have completely worn myself out with rearranging two rooms and lugging heavy furniture across the house.. i feel ready for a nap!!! I still have things to clean , but i think it can wait. I just put my body under some extreme stress LOL!!

Im ready for Brians day off tomorrow so we can enjoy our day together, church in the evening and some good old relaxation!!

Come to me and I will give you rest -- all of you who work so hard beneath a heavy yoke. Wear my yoke -- for it fits perfectly -- and let me teach you; for I am gentle and humble, and you shall find rest for your souls; Matthew 11: 28-29 TLB

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