Saturday, May 23, 2009

The sin of Arrogance

I have been listening to a series called repulsed. its about the world's view on the church. and how we, part of the church, struggle and what we need to do. WELL this one spoke to me greatly. along with the sin of prayerlessness and the sin of religion. maybe i'll post those seperately.

i know ive struggled with secrets and living like everything is fine. Perfecting the outside but not working on cleaning the inside. you have to start from the inside out. you have to humble yourself. Humility is humiliating but it grows us closer to God.

The sin of Arrogance

What are you hiding?
-All of us live with regrets from our past of bad decisions
Have you delt with that or are you on the run?

Have you faked your walk with God?
Youre only as sick as your secrets
How will you clean yourself?

1john 1:9-
Youre guilty. You violated God. Why dont you just confess it. Just agree with God. quit calling it what youre calling it and agree with God.
you will bear the weight of it until you deal with it so just confess it.

Humble yourself and own up to your sins to eachother. and pray for one another.
Healing comes with be able to confess. you admit it and you own it and then you can be healed.

what is the sin of arrogance?
the sense of superiority that causes you me or anyone to lose touch with our propetual need to be forgiven. and i have an arrogance that says you need to be like me in a condescending way.

-Christians like to look down thier noses
-They like to think that they are better
EVEN if when you dont think you do this, it happens. we have this arrogance about us that we are better than other. There are polls that suggest that people who arent christians look at the church and the people of the church and feel looked down on.

Jesus confronted the arrogance attitude of religious people.

you run around like you have no issue.
that you have it all together

youre never too little, too small for God to meet you , but you can be too big for God to get your attention.

Humility, is humiliating. we spin our sin so we dont have to see how it really is. we convince ourselves we arent as bad as we know ourselves to be. the grace of god is greater than you did wrong.
there are no unique sinners. they are the same since that have plagued humanity. he can free you of that

James 4:6

quit playing around. quit making it a joke. humble yourself and come to the presence of God. Find your proper rank in place. youre not the general quit acting like it.

2kings 5

God promises .. all those who are proud. you will be brought low.
to the humble God says you will be lifted up.

psalm 32

its okay to not be okay . its not okay to pretend youre okay

you want to start over? its starts with honest confession of sin.

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