Thursday, April 2, 2009

turning 3 and big decisions

I knew for Keegans birthday i wanted to redo his room. His room was decorated with some art of his and mine, black sheets and a green flower twin comforter which was also mine when i was younger lol. We didnt want to do his room until he was old enough to tell us what he wanted. Esp since they grow out of stuff so much.

The big decision this year was deciding between, Cars, Thomas the train, And Toystory. (not to mention Wall-E). He also LOVES bolt right now. Too many decisions. We decided to go with Cars since everyday he plays with cars, when he watches the movie he gets his lightning McQeen race car. And every Semi is "Mack" and every car is a racecar.

We bought a whole new bed set, and a huge sticker poster to go on his wall. We might get the sticker border for around his room and possibly some sort of lamp shade to go with it all.


Now, we all know how impatient i am, so instead of waiting until his birthday May 12th... i couldnt even wait until MAY, I set it up tonght with the help of Brian. LOL

Keegan absolutely loved it and was jumping up and down like a crazy ape in a field of bananas and poop.

Tonight we also purchased trick candles, and little mater and lightning mcqueen candies for his cupcakes.

Another big decision.. were doing cupcakes instead of a whole big cake. 1 reason being that it'll be easier to bake since we'll have to use egg replacer. And 2 being he doesnt eat a ton of cake anyway.. hed rather have ice cream or M&M's.

So now the big thing is this... do we try to do a bowling party? Or do we just take him bowling on his ACTUAL birthday Day and have just a party at our house?
The atmosphere is always akward since both of our parents are divorced and remarried. Who knows. i'll have to look up at some prices.

this weekend im going to take pictures for his bday invitations and start making those so i can send them out.
I think im just gonna make our theme Cars.. and tell everyone else its Pixar since he LOVES all those movies... oy.. so many decisions..

I will also have to pummle through all the mountains of toys to donate to Goodwill since im sure he will be getting more than our house can contain. This is what happens when you have 4 sets of grandparents, an uncle who spoils rotten, along with mommy and daddy. Not to mention EVERYONE ELSE who buys him crap. My sister, brians brother, his grandparents, his aunt.. the list goes on and on. Lucky kiddo lol.

Project for the next week.. get the invitations done and sent out!!!

Of course i'll take pictures of the room .. you dont have to ask :)