Monday, April 6, 2009

How to discreetely breastfeed in public! NO WORRIES!

I used to mess with blankets and be all embarrassed about feeding in public, but for me the blanket made it MORE obvious that i was feeding my son. It caused more attention to myself especially with trying to adjust the blanket and make sure things were covered.. UGH! What a hassle! Not to mention that my son would grab at it anyway and pull it down.

Well now he is 5 months old and I can feed him in public and no one can tell!! Here is the secret... Wear 2 shirts.

I'm serious!

You can wear a nursing tank underneath, or even a v neck low cut tank top and a normal shirt on top. When your baby is getting hungry, just sit down anywhere and reach in from your neckline and undo your nursing bra/tank. Grab the bottom of your top shirt to hold it down, and with your other hand underneath your shirt, expose your breast out of your bra/bottom shirt. You are still covered completely at this point.

Then you get the baby into position. Their head and bottom hand is your shield from exposing yourself. Once your baby is in front of your breast in feeding position, lift up your top layer on the side your feeding only. Just enough for your nipple to be between your top and bottom shirt and latch the baby on. If you are showing side boob a little, place your little ones hand there and VWA LA!

Discreet feeding in public!

One time i was feeding my son at my sisters babyshower and my dad came in and he says,"Lindz can you come give me a hand?" He had no idea i was even breastfeeding!

Just be confident and practice in the mirror if you feel you need to. Covers and blankets are more of a hassle and can be embarrasing if your breast is exposed completely and your baby pulls of the blanket. I don't know about you, but I would rather NOT have that happen!

I am so comfortable with feeding in front of people now because they never see any boob! Half the time they don't even know im feeding him! If I do feel a little uncomfortable about side boob in the inital latch, I make sure that the breast im feeding on, there is no one on that side of me. Or I will sit next to a wall, or sideways on a chair, or couch to block the view.

Boobs are just like bottles! My theory is, if they see anything, they are looking too hard!!


Francis Ameda Pumps said...

Great idea! This is a great alternative if your not gonna wear a nursing blanket.

Jenifer said...

That is too cool stuff, thank you for the post, I am more than impressed!

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