Saturday, March 7, 2009

love like the movies

Theres something about romance. Something about watching a romantic movie that makes you want something more. Makes you realize how much you love that special person. Is it just me? Or does this happen to everyone?
The romance, the passion, the love, the connection between the characters...
It makes me miss my husband even more when hes away.
it almost makes me jealous in a sense.

Our relationship is awesome and great dont get me wrong. but theres just something about the movies.. Something that makes me wish itd happen to me THAT way.

When we kiss, or even when we make love, it really does feel like the movies. Sometimes i have to shake myself out of it and realize that this is ACTUALLY happening.

Brian is a very romantic guy. Ever since the get go. Things have died off since the kids were born.. but that was expected. you hear that from every person who HAS kids. so why would it be different for me?

Why do we long for that passion, that excitement that love?
WE have it in some aspects of our lives, but if you could, would you wish for more? Would you want to be MORE romantic? more dramatic?

Sometimes iwish i could just.. change the way my body looks, have my hair perfect everyday. To be beautiful without an ounce of makeup... and have mu husband pick me up off my feet and look at me like im the only one for him.
no insecurities, no thinking, no what ifs.. just passion. just romance. just pure utter love.

You know how men are, they feel that way, they just dont TALK about it, or they think they are showing it.
Is that how it really is? Do we hold an expectation so high because of the movies? Or is it enough?

Maybe the movies are an expression of both of our emotions put on camera. put in action to see. So that when the movie is over, when we turn off the tv, we can cuddle, make out and have that passionate sex. Are the movies there to remind us?
To let us not forget that we DO have love between eachother and its there all the time. The fire is always burning.
Even with the baby spit up on your shirt. the snot of a toddler on your pants. Your hair thrown up in a messy pony tail to keep the baby from grabbing and drooling in it.

Its not about shaving your legs everyday, or just before you know youre gonna have sex. its not about the wonderful fragrence of the new perfume you HAD to have. Its not even about the clothes or the make up.

Take all of it way... the things you try to create yourself. the things you try to make yourself look like. OR things you try to cover up.

Its you. Every flaw you think you have. Every thing you need to change.. The one who LOVES you.. actually truly LOVES you.. for better or for worse.. till death do you part. he doesnt CARE about those things.

He sees ME. without the makeup and the shabang. he wouldnt change a piece of me.
AND THAT is what i love most.

(but it wouldnt hurt to spice it up like the movies once in a while haha)

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The O'Neils said...

it doesn't happen like the movies because the movies aren't real life. unfortunately for us women we can get so caught up in the desire for the passion and romance like the movies- when its solely based on ungodly lust and sexual passions. movies and books have turned into mind porn for women, and we long for things that aren't real and true. its then we have to turn around and realize our husbands are who make us happy, and that God has placed them in our lives as our eternal soulmate. no movie can grasp the intimate joy of the tru marriage- Christ and his love for the church- so much so that he gave his life for us. that's what we should desire.